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(Panel 6 & Closing) International Dialogue on Migration 2017
19 Apr 2017 -  Panel 6 – Implementing the Global Compact on Migration: existing and envisaged cooperation and follow-up mechanisms
The GCM should not just be intended to reiterate obligations and principles regarding international migration, but it should be envisaged as putting forward a set of actionable commitments, ways and means of translating them into practice and a framework for follow-up and review of implementation. This panel will look at cooperation mechanisms required for the implementation of the compact and at mechanisms for taking stock of progress achieved towards the commitments set therein, in order to ensure that the unachieved objectives remain under consideration by Member States in the medium and long-term. The discussion will also contemplate on tools for financing the development of capacities necessary for the implementation of the GCM. Furthermore, it could also help define the role of various stakeholders in the upcoming stages of the GCM process with a view of streamlining efforts and rationalizing resources.
Closing remarks